Koi Pearl – Da taucht Freude auf!
Welcome to the world of Koi Pearl!
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What is a Koi Pearl?
Koi Pearl is a unique innovation that allows you to watch your fish closely from all sides – from above the water surface. Not only can your observation help you get to know these fascinating creatures even better, but you can also detect injuries to their scales more easily.

NEW! Improved Koi Pearl model now available!

New improvements:
  • The supporting ring is now made out of reinforced fiberglass, thereby increasing its overall structural stability and providing improved support for the dome which weighs in at approximately 280 kg when filled.

  • The “Fishfeeder” makes feeding easier than ever. Our specially developed “Fishfeeder” is placed underneath the Koi Pearl and then opened, allowing the food to float freely into the dome where it can be eaten by the fish.
Where can the Koi Pearl be installed?
Koi Pearl is an exclusive accessory for outdoor and indoor ponds that can be used as an effective eye-catcher in hotel lobbies, on sales floors, at fish farms and in many other environments.

Would you like to experience Koi Pearl in action?
Just take a look!

Why not watch our film, check out our slide show or find out more about the construction of Koi Pearl!

What makes Koi Pearl so unique?
Koi Pearl is a free-floating accessory for your pond that does not require any time-consuming or expensive installation. Surrounded by a naturally and individually customizable island ring of plants (optional), the removable dome (Ø approx. 100 cm, fiberglass ring Ø approx. 150 cm) – a spherically blown dome made out of high-quality, extra strong acrylic glass – blends into all types of pond landscape. And for when it gets dark, the Koi Pearl is equipped with a specially developed illumination system of four 48-LED underwater spotlights that create a wonderfully atmospheric light. The illumination system is fully integrated into the fiberglass ring.

What’s included in delivery?
- Supporting ring with 4 integrated LED underwater lamps (Ø approx.150 cm)
- Acrylic fiberglass ring with special sealing (Ø ca. 100 cm)
- Wet/dry vacuum cleaner
- Evacuation adapter including floater
- Fishfeeder including stainless steel extension

Koi Pearl has even convinced the experts. Click here to read an independent recommendation officially certifying Koi Pearl as an animal-friendly and hygienic accessory!

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Koi Pearl – Da taucht Freude auf!
Koi Pearl – Da taucht Freude auf!
Koi Pearl – Da taucht Freude auf!
Koi Pearl – Da taucht Freude auf!

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