Koi Pearl – Da taucht Freude auf!
Get to know the advantages of Koi Pearl!

Can anything be more fascinating than plunging into the world of Koi carp?
Koi Pearl opens a new perspective on this adventure:

Vivid 360° view from above the water surface: the fish are significantly magnified (Ø approx. 100 cm, Ø of the fiberglass ring approx. 150 cm).
Attractively-shaped dome : made of extra strong, spherically-blown acrylic glass
Advantage of magnifying: injuries to the scales or fungal skin infections that may harm the Koi can be easily detected.
More effective feeding: the food is placed directly underneath the Koi Pearl, preventing it from being blown to the edges of your pond or from finding its way into the filtration system. The new extended „Fishfeeder“ makes feeding even easier.
Protection against herons: the dome shields the fish as they eat.
Optional island ring of plants: individually customizable with plants to ensure Koi Pearl blends perfectly into the pond environment.
Constant temperature: the same water temperature is maintained both inside the dome and in the pond, even on hot days.
Provides shade: the fiberglass support ring decorated with plants provides extra shade for the fish.
Illumination full of atmosphere: four 48 LED underwater lamps make for extraordinary effects (Ip 68, 12 volt transformer, 5-level-dimmer); the illumination is completely integrated in the supporting ring.
Frost-proof: in the winter, you may leave your Koi Pearl in the pond. It may also prevent the pond from freezing over completely.
Simple assembly and disassembly: Koi Pearl does not require a mounted frame, thus preserving your pond liner. Check out our assembly film!
Smooth and easy cleaning in just a few minutes: just rinse out your Koi Pearl with water and a soft cloth.

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Koi Pearl – Da taucht Freude auf!
Koi Pearl – Da taucht Freude auf!
Koi Pearl – Da taucht Freude auf!
Koi Pearl – Da taucht Freude auf!

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